Omatarra 300x400mm Vertical


You can design your sticker from your own pictures or with plain text, or even mix them. Only your imagination is the limit. You can choose a sticker with a permanent or removable glue. An option is also a permanent transparent sticker with adhesive glue.

- Start designing and upload the image (s) to the editor.

- Arrange the image (s) as desired

- You can add text to the images if you wish

- When you are done, add the product to the cart

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Permanent adhesive

Stickers with permanent adhensive have good glue. This can be used, for example, as a decoration, advertising, logo and signage sticker. Also suitable for straight and slightly curved surfaces of vehicles.

Removable adhesive

Stickers with removable adhesive can be used indoors eg on glass and other flat or slightly curved surfaces. Not suitable for porous and textured surfaces. Easy to install. The air leaves easily and no bubbles remain. The sticker with removable adhesive is as easy to remove as it is to install. Suitable for stickers and interior stickers, for example.

Transparent sticker

The transparent sticker is a permanent adhesive sticker. The image is printed on transparent film. The transparent sticker is well suited for transparent and glass surfaces. Also suitable for areas where you do not want the background of the label to stand out.

Protective laminate

The laminate protects the print from mechanical stress and weather conditions. Lamination also increases the UV resistance of the sticker.


You can also get the stickers cut to shape from us, ie we cut the labels according to the outline of the picture.


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